Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Careers for Andraws Family

There has been some recent changes to the Andraws family.

George: I left Microsoft and joined about a month ago where I'm working on the Kindle team. This new position lets me focus on my strengths as a Quality Assurance Engineer while maintaining a high level of technical expertise. It's a perfect next step in my career. So far, being an Amazonian has been great.

Magda: And - more importantly - Magda also left her position at Microsoft as a Program Manager. She is now a fulltime mother. Why leave a promising career at a successful company, you ask? I'll answer with another question: Have you seen Rashie? It was an easy decision for our family when we thought about what's most important to us. In the end, we decided that whatever financial sacrifices are needed in the future will pail in comparison to the riches gained by spending time together now.

Rashie is now 8 months old and growing every day. She is the joy in our lives and we are blessed in many, many ways.

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